Why are we doing this work?

Find out what benefits our work brings to you
Emotional Release: Relieve built up tension and unprocessed emotions from your physical and emotional system (sadness, anger, loneliness, heartbreak, joy).
Regulated Nervous System: Relief of stress, anxiety and tension in your body; experience more calm and stop the pattern of constantly being in fight or flight mode.

More Day-to-Day Energy: Experience mental clarity & enhanced creativity and more energy to exercise, be social, & work toward goals.

Shedding Stale Patterns: Notice and let go of habits, patterns, decisions and behaviors that are holding you back. Peel away the layers of conditioned social and cultural limitations.

Expanded Consciousness: Access a deeper state of consciousness and elevate your awareness and ability to observe your thoughts without judgment.

Feeling More Like You: Attune to your body’s natural rhythm and experience more harmony within yourself. Remember your true self and your purpose.